Discount TechTool Pro Price Tag $59.95

These standard formats are ideal for importing, long term archival, database entry, or forensic analysis and eDiscovery. Why Emailchemy? Discussion talks about performance, pricing, 'pro' features and upgradability, security changes T2 controller, boot process , target markets, future factors, memory technologies and more. Also touch on the following topics, among others: I have not had to type in a serial number.

Discount TechTool Pro Price Tag $59.95

These standard formats are ideal for importing, long term archival, database entry, or forensic analysis and eDiscovery. Why Emailchemy? Discussion talks about performance, pricing, 'pro' features and upgradability, security changes T2 controller, boot process , target markets, future factors, memory technologies and more.

Also touch on the following topics, among others: I have not had to type in a serial number. I need to add EmailChemy as a. S flagship office software suite for OS X An information disclosure vulnerability exists when Microsoft Office improperly discloses the contents of its memory. Microsoft is no longer supporting Office This update fixes critical issues and also helps to improve security.

This security update provides the latest fixes for Office for Mac NOTE Office will no longer be updated. Apple's pricing and delivery details are now public, with the new computer available for ordering today.

Along with Motion 5. The patches another batch of bugs, including 'unexpected quits' in a variety of circumstances, plus performance problems, while adding iMac Pro optimizations and other improvements. Available for: Is a Mac utility from Surtees Studios Ltd. That manages the Mac menubar better than Apple's software, letting you rearrange, hide or show individual menubar items, or move them to the 'Bartender Bar', which is an alternate menubar that can be swapped back and forth with Apple's version.

The new Version 3 is a rewrite that the company says is 'more reliable, capable and lays the foundation for future innovations. Is a venerable utility app from Micromat Inc. For Mac testing, repair and maintenance tasks.

Capabilities include memory testing; hard drive and SSD testing; emergency startup drive creation; storage volume cloning and optimization; data recovery and a 'trash history' feature; network monitoring; building a bootable diagnostic drive e. FireWire or USB portable hard drive, flash drive, etc. Apple is redefining how Macs use their disks. And it has been fully tested to support High Sierra macOS One extra upside to APFS drives: Is a popular disk cloning utility from Shirt Pocket Software Dave Nanian , designed to copy your startup drive or other disk volume for quick recovery in the event of disk failure or software problems.

Its 'smart copy' feature can update a clone quickly after the first full backup, copying only the files that have changed, which is typically much faster than recopying the whole volume.

Other features include bootable clones, backup to disk images compatible with Apple Software Restore , which offer a way to backup over a network; customization via 'Copy Scripts'; logging; 'sandboxing', which shares your primary boot volume's data files and applications to an experimental boot volume; options to shutdown, restart or eject after cloning; the ability to run Unix shell scripts; Time Machine compatibility; AppleScript support and more.

Older versions support systems as early as Mac OS X In trial mode, prior to purchase, SuperDuper can clone a drive but lacks Smart Copy and other features when unregistered. The latest versions reveal some remarkable in conjunction with macOS SuperDuper 3. This new feature is not intended to replace or replicate what Time Machine does. Snapshots are managed by the system, and at present they have some lightly-to-not documented constraints.

As I've said before, an effective backup strategy should have multiple parts: SuperDuper, Time Machine and an online service.

Include the following topics, among others: Apple's, half a year ago, will finally be 'available to order' on December 14, according to the company which hasn't listed a ship date yet. Apple's web page notes in fine gray print at the end: This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

Documents a bug and yet another security patch for the media platform the company got with its Macromedia. We recommend from your systems because of its constant stream of security flaws and exploitation, and Adobe has announced its future termination. For enlarging or downsizing digital images with maximum quality.

Include a choice of 'S-Splne' interpolation algorithms, with fine-tuning adjustments and the ability to save presets, the ability to produce images up to 1 million x 1 million pixels, reduction of JPEG artifacts and noise, split-screen previews, batch processing, multi-processor and GPU support, Lightroom integration, and the option to use it as a standalone app or a plug-in. Is a popular app from Bombich Software Inc. That offers reliable backup, restore, cloning and integrity-checking capabilities for the Mac.

Brought for macOS Older are available for earlier Macs. Discussion includes update versions, confusion and documentation discrepancies; FireWire failures; a pending jailbreak exploit; Carbon Black incompatibility; installer issues, UI fails; vulnerability databases and more.

Additionally include the following current topics, among others: The release includes an urgent security fix: This is an urgent security and bugfix update which repairs a serious information leak in Private Browsing mode that affects all versions of Firefox and TenFourFox to at least version I also included a bugfix for an edge case in our internal AltiVec-accelerated strchr implementation which was discovered when I expanded its usage to other portions of the browser.

Is a Mac app from Iridient Digital Inc. That offers high-quality conversion of raw and other images from a large collection of supported, with lens correction, color management, customizable tone curves, noise reduction, demosaicing and multiple sharpening options. The download functions as a fully functional demo but adds a watermark to images. The latest include a Lightroom plug-in for fast round-trip transfer of RAW images from Lightroom to Iridient Developer and back, plus support for new digital cameras.

Is a family of color-calibration products from X-Rite Inc. Pantone , designed to create and manage color profiles for displays. The company notes, 'Unlike your laptop or desktop operating system, iOS mobile apps do not have system wide color management capabilities.

Therefore, each app must apply color profiles individually. For testing memory and storage integrity. Features of the suite, built from command-line programs, include drive testing, with the ability to fill a drive for bad-block remapping or 'recondition' an SSD, plus various performance stress-tests and integrity tests, as well as technical details display; MemoryTester for stress-testing RAM and CPU cores; and, which uses SHA1 hashes to track any changes to files, storing the validation information in hidden '.

A cross-platform version of Integrity Checker is Java-based, with these goals: GUI support is not planned at this time. Features include the ability to create 'WinZip-compatible AES encrypted archives', as well as encrypted 7-zip and rar archives; the ability to 'strip Mac specific files and resource forks from archives for best compatibility with other operating systems'; AppleScript support and the ability to add new or updated files to existing archives.

Legacy support Mac OS X The latest addresses several problems with macOS The company says, 'Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it. A expands archiving, supports macOS auto-save and includes other improvements. Also include the following topics, among others: Is the free, cross-platform web browser from Mozilla, promising better than Google's Chrome and offering an alternative to Apple's Safari with its bugs and other issues.

Recent Firefox includes critical and a major overhaul, dubbed, with big performance improvements, a new user interface , plus tracking protection, while abandoning in favor of. It's still compatible with original Firefox plug-ins. Talks about macOS The latest Windows version patches not yet specified. Is a 'stealth' version of Apple's confusing app for customers who don't want the feature deletions of the iTunes Is an email service from Proton Technologies AG in Switzerland that is expressly designed for with end-to-end encryption.

The service can be used from a mobile app or a interface, both with a streamlined modern interface and the ability to send encrypted messages and attachments to non-ProtonMail users for retrieval via web browser, as well as sending encrypted messages to other ProtonMail users.

You can also send normal, unencrypted email from the system. See ProtonMail and for more information. See blog entry for more details. We support sending encrypted communication to non-ProtonMail users via symmetric encryption. When you send an encrypted message to a non-ProtonMail user, they receive a link which loads the encrypted message onto their browser, which they can decrypt using a passphrase that you have shared with them.

You can also send unencrypted messages to Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others, just like regular email. There is nothing to install, and no encryption keys to manage, if you can use Gmail, Thunderbird, or Outlook, you can use ProtonMail. See the RAW Power for additional details. Include monitoring of SMART data, temperature and free space with thresholds and algorithms for predicting problems, logging of data over time, email notifications of status updates, the ability to trigger self-tests, save detailed drive health reports, and more.

The latest improves High Sierra compatibility and adds support for new SSDs, among other improvements. Includes various update issues details, problems, nagware, etc. Apple posted a bunch of updates today with patches for serious security flaws, including the 'root' 'iamroot' security failure that led to a series of Apple emergency patches and then patches to patches over the last week.

Is a layer-based image editor from Flying Meat Inc. The latest release includes unspecified bug fixes and support for iOS Is a personal finance app from Scimonoce Software LLC that includes account management, investment monitoring, and loan tracking. It offers custom reports and budgets, interactive graphs, support for multiple currencies, password protection, user interface cusomization and an extensive set of features including.

See index and for more details.

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