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As I stated in my original post, I think you should give any new features a fighting chance before turning them off or ignoring them. We should be grateful that in AutoCAD at least unlike some Autodesk products , you do still have that choice. At least, you have a choice in most cases. Aerial View. It has been undefined. It may not work perfectly on all systems under all circumstances. Array dialog box.

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As I stated in my original post, I think you should give any new features a fighting chance before turning them off or ignoring them.

We should be grateful that in AutoCAD at least unlike some Autodesk products , you do still have that choice. At least, you have a choice in most cases. Aerial View. It has been undefined. It may not work perfectly on all systems under all circumstances.

Array dialog box. The excellent new associative array features of AutoCAD have come at the cost of the Array dialog box. While you can use the Ribbon or the Properties palette to modify arrays, if you want to create one you have to go back to the future with a Release style user interface. There are a variety of settings you can selectively turn off individually if you prefer. Classic commands. If you prefer not to leave the various new palettes on screen all the time, old versions of various commands are still available: Autodesk deprecated these commands in and , which I think is a really bad idea.

If you use this setting, you can still access the new modeless layer palette with the LayerPalette command. Going back further, there are command-line methods of using these commands: If you want the dialog box, you now need to use the ClassicGroup command instead.

Many people do. In the tab title row the bar with the word Home in it , right-click and pick Undock. Now you can place and size your Dashboard-like thing as you see fit. As before, you can right-click on things to change the various settings. Dynamic Input. If Dynamic Input slows you down, you can turn it off with the status bar toggle or F You can also get at this by right-clicking the Dynamic Input status bar button and picking Settings… As an example of the sort of thing you might do in there, the default of using relative coordinates is difficult for long-termers to get used to.

There are a whole range of DYNxxx system variables for controlling this stuff. Graphic Background. Many of you will want a real black background to provide better contrast. To do this, invoke the Options command right-click on the drawing area and pick Options… or just enter OP , then pick the Display tab.

Instead, pick the Colors… button. This will put you in the Drawing Window Colors dialog box. On the left, choose a context you want to change e. Uniform background and choose the particular shade that takes your fancy. I generally prefer the new line-based grid. In the Snap and Grid tab, the grid is controlled by the options on the right. If you want your dots back, turn on the toggles in the Grid style section. Hatch dialog box. Hatch double-click. Doing this involves braving the CUI interface, but I have gone into step-by-step detail of that process here.

In short, you need to drag and drop the Hatch Edit command from the bottom left CUI panel onto the double-click action for Hatch in the top left panel, replacing the default action Properties. Initial Setup.

Line Smoothing. You can close it easily using the little X in its top left corner. You can close the Ribbon with the RibbonClose command. If you ever want to turn it back on, enter Ribbon. Screen menu. Selection Cycling. Selection Preview. This feature annoys some users, adding as it does an unfortunate degree of stickiness and working inaccurately when Snap is in use.

This is controlled in the Selection tab of the Options command. If you dislike the coloured boxes you get while doing a Window or Crossing, pick the Visual Effect Settings… button and turn off the Indicate selection area toggle. There is no setting available to turn this feature off. If you want to move your cursor around and see the cursor snapping to precise locations to see if objects line up e. Startup performance.

You may also have noticed that when you start AutoCAD, the cursor is sticky for a while after the Command prompt is available. Status bar. Right-click on a status bar button, turn off Use Icons and your old text-based status bar buttons will return. That toolbar-toggling menu is still available if you right-click in an unused docked toolbar area, but if you have no toolbars visible there will be no such area available.

What to do? Turn on one toolbar at the Command prompt, then you will be able to access the menu by right-clicking on the blank area to the right of it. The following command sequence will do it: This will leave a grey area to the right that you can right-click into.

The other toolbars will be in sub-menus under that, with the main set of default ones in the AutoCAD section. Note that this will only work if you have the acad.

This is the case in vanilla AutoCAD and some verticals, but it may not be the case in other verticals. TRACE with a leading period. UCS Icon. If not, you will need to create one, reset it, and hope for the best.

Then right-click on the copy and pick Properties. The end result should look something like this there may be extra switches: You should then be able to start your vertical variant as AutoCAD. But not everybody agrees. The simplest way to remove it is by clicking the [-] button in the top left corner of the drawing area and tuening off the ViewCube toggle there.

In vanilla AutoCAD, you can restore much of the user interface by just switching workspaces. The main Workspace control is now located near the top left corner. If you have turned this off right-click, Remove from Quick Access Toolbar or if you just prefer working with interface elements in the same place year by year, there is another Workspace control in the bottom right corner.

This is a little button that looks like a gearwheel. This will perform some of the steps described above, but not all of them, so I suggest you skim the whole lot to see what else you might want to do. Xref fading. Zoom Animation. If you have allowed AutoCAD to migrate your settings I never do , some of the above will already be done for you, but by no means all of it.

If past experience is anything to go by, the job done by Migration will probably be imperfect. Keep a safe copy of both your exported profile and your main CUIX file acad. All of this advice is offered on an as-is, try-it-yourself-and see-what-happens basis. Please comment to let me know if you find something you think I should modify or include.

Let me just end by saying that Autodesk generally does an excellent job of keeping long-term AutoCAD users happy by allowing them to keep working in the way that they prefer. There are exceptions, and this record has been damaged slightly by , but conservative users are still better off with new releases of AutoCAD than they are with, say, Microsoft Word.

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