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Real-world speeds during testing were typically about megabits per second Mbps down and Mbps up, according to speedtest. Our initial upload of the That's not bad, and it earned a close third place behind Backblaze among the six services we tested.

But it's about double the time it took for IDrive to back up the same set of files; IDrive had an average speed of Restoring our 1.

According to speedtest. This speed put Acronis in second place, just ahead of Backblaze but far behind SpiderOak, which restored the same set of files in a breathtakingly fast 1 minutes and 55 seconds.

Don't get too excited; SpiderOak had the slowest upload speeds, by far. Resource usage dropped to approximately 4 percent following the initial backup.

This was the most resource-intensive of the cloud-backup client applications we tested, which is not surprising given the depth of its available features. User Interface The design of Acronis True Image 's desktop interface is a departure from the extremely rudimentary design in most of the other cloud backup services we tested. But the application remains reasonably intuitive and clean-looking.

The main dashboard view for Acronis features seven large tabs in the left-hand column of the interface, covering all of the primary features and settings. Many users will likely never access some of these tools, and this layout keeps the options from being overwhelming. The primary screen is called, naturally, Backup. Acronis stands out from the pack here by offering the option to back up your entire hard drive, including the OS and applications. Alternatively, you can select specific files and folders in a standard tree menu.

The application lets you choose to back up your data either to the Acronis cloud servers or to your own external drive or local folder. This is a nod to the original Acronis software. Other services, such as IDrive and the higher-end Carbonite plans, offer local disk-image backups as well, but no one else puts it front and center like Acronis does.

Acronis also offers more granular backup controls than most of its competitors. It has the standard backup-scheduling options of nonstop, daily, weekly and monthly, but the final option of Upon Event is an interesting addition. This feature lets you back up files when you log on, log off, start up or shut down your computer. Acronis stands out from the pack by offering the option to back up your entire hard drive, including the OS and applications. Different file-restoration options are also available in the Backup tab.

You simply choose the backup from which you wish to restore, and then either select the individual files and folders you wish to recover or download the full backup. The next two tabs in the True Image desktop interface are Archive and Sync. The latter acts like an online-sync service, keeping the contents of any folders within it synced across your devices.

Tools is the catch-all tab for Acronis, with roughly a dozen features for data protection and recovery. This lets you make some potentially dangerous changes to your computer — such as installing a new piece of software, opening a questionable attachment or performing an early system update — and then immediately roll back to your previous state if a problem occurs.

We'll cover a couple more of these tools in the Unique Features section below. What to Do After a Data Breach The Acronis web interface presents some additional options, such as sharing a file or folder to a social network, or simply creating a universally shareable link to a file or folder.

This works as advertised, but the web interface is incredibly slow, and the UI constantly refreshes. If sharing is a key feature for you, look to IDrive instead. Mobile Apps The Acronis True Image mobile app follows the same basic design as most of the competition, with just a basic list view available.

Given the nature of the app, this works just fine. But some search functionality would be nice, to speed up the process of tracking down a specific file. Acronis also fails to offer thumbnails for photo and video files, making it impossible to quickly grab a single image or video remotely.

Tapping on any of the files simply downloads it immediately to your device. However, Acronis is one of the few services we tested that actually backs up your smartphone data rather than just listing your PC's files in the smartphone app. You can back up contacts, photos, videos, calendars and messages. As with the desktop version, you can choose to encrypt the backup when you initially create it.

For users satisfied with iCloud or Google Drive, a third-party smartphone-backup service may be redundant. But for those who don't store their photos and videos in the cloud with Apple or Google, it will be a welcome option.

Extra Features Acronis will, by default, create a true disk-image backup online. Once you're satisfied your PC won't keel over, simply choose to either apply or discard the changes.

It's an interesting addition, and reduces the likelihood of needing the whole backup-restore routine. Of course, that side of Acronis is still intact, with all the usual features for backing up your entire system or individual files and folders, either fully or incrementally and at specified times.

It worked reliably throughout our testing, both with the Secure Zone and external storage used as the backup destination. Although this is the Home version, there's now support for SAS disks to go with the wide range of storage types already supported. The main menu is now a simplified front end, doing away with the confusing side menus of old. There are just four main options and a colour-coded system state section to warn you if a backup is needed.

You can also now schedule validations of your archives as well as standard backups. On the restore side, the only major addition is the ability to preserve recent versions of files when restoring a backup to ensure older versions don't overwrite new work. With onsite backup and restore just about set in stone, it's inevitable that companies such as Acronis are looking to add value in other ways.

Acronis True Image has a lifetime subscription plan, which is an option many services don’t offer. We can’t recommend it, though, because it doesn’t let you backup to the cloud, only local Plan: CrashPlan for Business. Nov 16,  · True Key™ by McAfee eliminates the hassle of passwords. Store and automatically fill in your passwords and enjoy convenient access to your apps, websites and devices. Here's how it works: Sign-in to the True Key app with devices you trust. The True Key app remembers and fills your passwords in the background as you surf the web.5/5(46). Sep 25,  · Acronis True Image Crack is known as powerful and no one recovery software with best tools for this purpose. A beautiful and easy to use dashboard is available with this software. Sometime it happen that hacker can get access to personal data with their unknown tools, so this one is extremely amazing with artificial intelligence to detect that ransomware.

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Acronis International GmbH [Updated with temporary sale prices. This review was originally published May 15, But its expensive subscriptions, complicated pricing structure and notable exclusions separate Acronis True Image from our top recommendations, Backblaze and IDrive. We think it's only the best cloud backup service for power users. From a purely consumer standpoint, it is difficult to see Acronis' lower-priced tiers, which max out at GB or GB, as viable long-term solutions for customers who have extensive photo and video collections to back up. However, the company's more expensive plans will be worthwhile for power users who would appreciate Acronis' extensive feature set and full-disk-image cloud backups — and who might not mind the premium pricing. But it would cost too much to use a cloud syncing service to back up all of your personal files.


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