With cheap price What ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 to buy for mac?

Review the ArcGIS Pro system requirements to verify operating system and other environmental prerequisites. Review the license agreement and accept it if you agree.

Click Next to continue with the installation. You must exit if you do not agree with the terms. Select the installation context in which ArcGIS Pro will install, whether per-machine all users or per-user. By default, the per-machine option is selected. Click Next to continue. If the user running the setup does not have administrative privileges, a per-machine instance of ArcGIS Pro cannot be installed.

Click Change to specify the installation folder or click Next to accept the default location of C: Follow these steps to install ArcGIS If not already installed, download and install the Microsoft. NET Framework 3. Click Next and accept the license agreement. Choose Complete and click Next. Click Next to accept all default settings, then click Finish. Follow these steps to authorize the software: Upon installation of ArcGIS Follow the instructions below for Terminating Authorization before completing the normal authorization steps outlined below.

To complete the regular authorization process on a new installation, you will need either a provisioning file generated from the My Esri website , or the email from Esri Customer Service that contains the product authorization information.

Choose a single use product. Choose the default option I have installed my software and need to authorize it and click Next. If you do not have an Internet connection, select the option Authorize at Esri's website or by email to receive your authorization file.

If you have a provisioning file, choose the option I have received an authorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the authorization process. Using a provisioning file available from the My Esri website will prepopulate the personal information and authorization codes in Steps 6 to 8. Enter your personal information and click Next.

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Two options are available. In order to assess which option to use, it is important to understand each option, their limitations, then to configure for best performance. Running Windows in Boot Camp is a native feature of the Mac OS X operating system, therefore this is the most financially affordable option since there is no additional software to be purchased. However, users may not prefer this option since they are not able to run both OS X and Windows at the same time and a reboot is required to gain access to the Mac software. The Windows partition is configured during the Boot Camp install; this is an important step for optimal performance. Users should carefully consider how much CPU, Memory and hard disk will be available to the Windows OS, this is of course based upon how many cores and memory is available in the MacBook. Users must purchase the Parallels software to use this virtualization option. The advantage is that users can run both Windows and Mac applications without rebooting. Configuring this VM is critical for optimal performance. This configuration is not suitable for a graphically intensive, multi-threaded application like ArcGIS Pro.

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