Buy cheap What is the best version of Maya LT 2015 to buy?

Turtle uses an adaptive sampling scheme that can perform both undersampling less than one sample per pixel and oversampling multiple samples per pixel. A sampling rate from one sample per pixels and up to samples per pixel can be used. The Min Sample Rate sets the initial resolution, where a negative value means a lower resolution than the original image in powers of two.

For example, -4 gives the original resolution divided by The Max Sample Rate sets the resolution of the final prepass, with 0 giving the same resolution as the original resolution. Contrast threshold If the contrast differs less than this threshold Turtle will consider the sampling good enough.

Filter Width The width of the filter kernel in pixels. Range from 1. Filter Height The height of the filter kernel in pixels. A bounce can be a reflection or refraction. Reflections The maximum number of reflections a ray can take before being truncated.

This limits the value set in each material. Refractions The maximum number of refractions a ray can take before being truncated. Shadows Controls at what depth a ray can spawn shadow rays. If set to 1, only primary rays will spawn shadow rays. If set to 2, the first bounce will spawn shadow rays as well. GI Transparency The maximum number of transparent surfaces a GI ray can go through, before being truncated.

This is used by all gathering light integrators, like Final Gather and Monte Carlo. Bias An error threshold to avoid self intersections.

For example, a shadow ray should not intersect the same triangle as the primary ray did, but because of limited numerical precision, this can happen. The bias value moves the intersection point to eliminate this problem.

If set to zero this value is computed automatically depending on the scene size. Related topics.

Autodesk Maya LT Service Pack 1 includes several important fixes. This release addresses the Heartbleed security vulnerability with an update to OpenSSL. Refer to the readme for more information. Installation Notes: On Windows operating systems, this service pack patches your existing Maya LT software. Do not uninstall Maya LT before applying this service pack. Subscribe to Maya, software for 3D animation, modeling, and rendering. Buy online or through a reseller. Get the latest updates and access to prior Autodesk. This Service Pack also supports a new User Licensing method. If you originally purchased Maya LT before the release of Service Pack 3, select the Stand-Alone license option during the install to enter your serial number and product key as usual. Autodesk Maya LT Service Pack 3 Readme (select language version): Readme - English (html.

Purchasing What is the best version of Maya LT 2015 to buy?

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