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What is the license of Maya LT on Steam? On Steam, we are currently offering the monthly subscription plan of Maya LT. What is Stingray? Stingray is a 3D game engine from Autodesk. We just launched it in August The coolest part of Stingray is that we've built it to have amazing connectivity with Autodesk 3D animation tools: Maya LT, Maya, and 3ds Max. Do I have to pay more to use Stingray, in addition to the existing monthly subscription price of Maya LT?

The price of the monthly Maya LT subscription on Steam is staying the same. So now you get the art and engine tools needed to build a game in the same subscription. Are there royalties associated with games made using Maya LT or Stingray? Is this a rent-to-own system? No, this is a monthly subscription service. Once you subscribe, you get access for the duration of the term. On Steam, each term is one month. Several users have said they were unable to get their Maya LT subscription to work through a Steam Wallet purchase.

There seems to be a precedent for certain subscription-based games, where Valve has helped peopel make it work, but we have not yet had success with Maya LT. How do I cancel? Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time, through your Steam account, on your Account Details page. Valve has a thorough page with more info about subscriptions which you can find here.

Where can I get access to the other, longer subscription options? On Steam, we offer the monthly subscription option. If you would like to explore the other subscription options available, you can find them through the Autodesk E-Store or through a local reseller. Which option is best for me? This is a highly subjective question, with a lot of different factors to consider. The main thing to consider will probably be how long or how consistently you intend to use the software.

For example, if you know you need to use Maya LT or Stingray every day for more than a year, you might find it less expensive over time to pay the full license up front.

We brought the same version of Maya LT to Steam. This means that there is no commercial restriction to how you use Maya LT. It is not limited to Steam games, modding, or other workshop stuff. You can use it to make assets for your own commercial games. Will other license version of Maya LT be made available on Steam? Last edited by a guy ; 3 Jan, 1:


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