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AR What's new in version While earlier versions of the software always incorporated a plethora of new features, the current v. Just like the North American version of the software, the European version introduces no new software functionality, but the approximately 1 year newer map data is welcome.

Map Coverage Detailed road map of most of Europe: A version of the product which includes road maps of North America is called Streets and Trips link. Users who haven't upgraded their version for a while, may be interested what was changed in the previous version: AR Navigation View - View the map as the driver views the road. When enabled, the roads closer to the GPS location appear larger, and those further away appear on the map smaller.

Automatic route recalculation - If you deviate from a plotted route, the software will automatically recalculate a new route for you. Users have the option to disable this feature. Voice direction prompts include street names - Earlier versions only included distance to and direction of the next turn. The new version will pronounce the street name in addition to the distance and the direction information.

Left-drag to pan, right-drag to select. You no longer need to keep switching back-and-forth between the two tools when moving around the map.

Saves a huge amount of clicks and mouse travel in normal usage. Save custom map settings and reuse them when the map reopens - Users can set the software to save their custom settings upon close. Send to mobile phone - Send, for example, POI data from the program to a mobile phone.

Delete visible pushpins inside or outside of a selected area - Select an area on the map, and then delete pushpins either inside or outside of the area. The 10, addresses import limit has been removed - The hard coded limit has been removed. The specifications of your computer are the limiting factor now. Pause Windows Media Player during spoken navigation instructions - Useful for those using the software for real-time navigation while playing music in Windows Media Player.

Please, read our version review for more details. More related discussions, tips, and tricks can be found in our forum. The site still says it covers 37 countries but Marvin's list includes 43 countries.

Feb 13, - I am trying to buy, new or used, Microsoft Autoroute Europe or No longer available though Amazon and other sites that offer free. Microsoft AutoRoute Europe License Open Gov Digital Download. Order before pm PT to receive within business days. Tell Everyone. Microsoft AutoRoute is a discontinued mapping program, and the European version of As Microsoft states, this is a "customisable travel planning software that helps you get accurate directions, System requirements of the version.

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