Where To Buy The Standalone Version Of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion? with Amazing Price

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Cheap price Where To Buy The Standalone Version Of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion?

Subscribe to 'System This site is not responsible for what they say. But maybe this hint should be renamed " How to RE-download the OS X Lion Installer on Lion" because I'm pretty sure that when you buy and install an app for the first time, no matter what, the installer run by itself and install the app and then vanished as in, there's no real way to get a complete copy "before" the first install.

Of course, this doesn't apply to Lion and possibly others apps since Lion ask you if you want to do the install now, once the download is complete thus giving you time to get a copy of the app , I might be wrong 'tho. I just tried this with 3 different Apps Reeder, Mac Tracker, and Skitch and none of them seemed to work. Held option key while clicking the app link not the "Installed" from the 'Purchased' tab and then held option while clicking the 'Installed' link on the App page.

I also couldn't get the "error" message to appear if I didn't hold option on the second click. Running OS X Lion DCJ on Aug 22, '11 I don't get an error-message and no app will re-download until I delete it. With other Apps I don't see a reason to do this since they are all self-contained but the Lion-Installer would come in handy for making an Install-Disc.

But besides: How would I know the App redownloaded??? It's allready in the Apps-Folder otherwise I wouldn't be a re-download It also worked with several Apps on my Mac, i. Text Wrangler which is a Free App. But after you commented I tried with other Apps, and it didn't work.

For example I tried the Xcode Installer, and couldn't re-download it. I can't even see a system, which works and which doesn't. Should have checked that more thoroughly when I submitted the hint. I was too focused on the Lion installer. Why does it Apple make so hard to redownload this installer??? Anyway, to get the Lion installer again, I simply booted on the Snow Leopard clone I made on another volume before installing Lion on my main partition I hope everybody does this before updating to a new OS version.

There I opened the App Store and went to the list of purchased apps. The Lion label was now "Install". I simply clicked on it, entered my password and an hour later I had the new Lion installer. I option-click on the app's name or icon in the Purchased window and get the app's page.

I then Option-click the Installed button and nothing happens. If I click on the Installed button, I don't get the alert; nothing happens. Nothing happens. Fortunately I saved a copy on my original download, which is just as well as it takes me about 8 hours on a good day.

Not sure what the trick is, but there does seem to be some difference. I wonder if this has something to do with the newer Macbook Air or Mac Mini systems that run a slightly different version of OS X? I was able to get it started downloading, but nothing shows up in Downloads or any cache folders I could find. It started to try to re-install Lion, so I just quit the install process.

I imagine the installer is on the drive somewhere since I have 4. Any ideas? If I click on it without the option key it comes up as installed??? This can happen when one has also installed a 'cracked' version of a different piece of App Store software that was originally 'bought' using a different Apple ID. Usually, when you then click on the purchase button it will then ask for your Apple ID and if you enter your own ID and PW you won't get charged for the item you really did buy, in the case..

AlainBob on Aug 23, '11 I see a button labeled I don't want to purchase it again I use a French keyboard so I tried with "Cmd-click" and "Ctrl-click" on the Lion link but it doesn't work Authored by: That is, from where can I use and move the Lion Installer file?

Thank You We've written the process up here on AFP


Is Mac OS X 10.7 Lion still usable in 2018?

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