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Hey, hey! The Mefi Mall is open for ; browse member shops and add your own! October 28, 4: It is slow. Slow to render, slow to play, slow everything. Most likely because it's using Rosetta to translate. Is After Effects CS4 bit? Given my machine, will I be able to utilize OpenGL? My iMac is version 7,1. Will I see a noticeable speed bump?

Will I become an effects guru? Adobe just doesn't seem too interested in the Mac platform, anymore. If you're considering upgrading, you might consider migrating to the Final Cut Pro suite. Adobe's not putting bit support into CS4. You can maybe get by with the RAM, but if it's a single core processor You should give it a read.

Also, will I be aple to utilize OpenGl and will that speed things up at all? After Effects requires Rosetta to be installed. Rosetta is an optional install on the Snow Leopard disk. After Rosetta is installed, you may have to restart your Mac a few times in order to remove the missing component flag that prevents After Effects from launching successfully.

Since you're using After Effects 7, which is using Rosetta to do the translation from PowerPC code to Intel, it's no wonder that you're getting a bit of lag time when doing certain tasks. If you don't mind waiting another 6 months or so, you might want to hold off for CS5 and its hot bitness. Of course, no one from Adobe will admit that in public, but that's the general consensus out there. Adobe digital video guru Dennis Radeke also does some explaining about the upcoming move to 64 bits here.

So, if you can put up with waiting, it could be a good thing. AE CS4 might be great right now, but I don't have that much experience with it like: Related Questions.

I've glanced over it and it states you'll get AE CS4 and PP CS4 in 32 bit, so CS5 is only 64 bit it seems. If you're new and want to get to learn AE. Jan 18, - I see evidence that a lot of people just dive into the deep end with After Effects (and other creative software). I understand the temptation to get. Nov 5, - After Effects CS4 represents one of the most significant and useful upgrades media from After Effects to Flash CS4 Professional while still retaining layer and . Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our.

Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4 price

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The brand-new version introduces some substantial-end features: The Roto Brush tool lets you easily isolate foreground aspects in complex scenes. Adobe engineers have touted 20 to 40 percent shorter render times on individual-core machines and 25 to 50 percent reduced render times on multi-core processors. Random access memory usage is optimized to provide you with longer RAM Previews as well. This is huge media for post-production and also motion graphics pros, especially if you have a loaded multi-core workstation. One particular caveat:

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