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Its core business: You could even say that this is at the heart of my growth strategy and a key differentiator for us. It's through this specialized work that we can demonstrate the full extent of our skill and our control of production resources. A profession and a passion at the same time! In , we began to work for the construction and civil engineering industry, which was an innovative move at the time. That was a great experience. Over the past 2 or 3 years, we have turned our attention to the aeronautical industry.

In order to meet the requirements of this industry, we diversified our production by manufacturing stamping dies, assembly tools along with plastic and aluminum injection molds. We are also in the process of obtaining ISO certification". Today, it's extraordinary". The workshop runs machining programs during the day for the most complex or shortest jobs.

The rest, i. In , right in the middle of an industrial boom, the company was able to operate 22 hours out of A great way of maximizing production resources. The company was recently entrusted with the production of a delicate inclined part made from a composite material with groove features, contour milling, holes, This part would usually have undergone 5-axis machining, but unfortunately SIFOM had not taken delivery of their new 5-axis CNC machining center at the time.

According to Brice, "We weren't going to let the opportunity of getting a new customer and demonstrating our know-how slip through our fingers. This was a twofold challenge for us: So we took on and met the challenge and our customer was very pleasantly surprised.

That experience reassured us that we were doing the right thing investing in the FIDIA simultaneous 5-axis machining center which will be a further asset in our strategy of diversification " says Brice.

However, he believes the biggest benefit may be the fact that his programmers have become so familiar with WORKNC that they use the software to its full capability, very occasionally calling for assistance from the WORKNC technical support team. Brice never hears any complaints

WORKNC is an automatic CAD/CAM software from 2 to 5 axis, developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WORKNC provides machining strategies for tool, mold. WorkNC CAM software is the premier automatic CNC software for surface or solid models in mold, die and tooling businesses for 2 to 5-axis CNC programming. You may want to check out more software, such as RelCalc, CVPlus Visual or re:PocketMod, which might be related to WorkNC/5(5). The latest Tweets from WORKNC (@worknc). Highly automated multi-axis CAM software for complex surface or solid models, suited to both shopfloor and programming office Followers: K.

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Simple user interface. Its toolpaths also include support for nesting and orientating prosthetic implants, as well as tools for adding support pins and identification markings. Intelligence within the system considers the limitations of the machine tool to automatically produce collision free toolpaths. No programming is required and no supplementary part origin data need to be defined. The software ensures collision-free paths as it moves across the job.

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