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Thanks so much for the replies, fireberd and natakuc4. I located the post that I mentioned re: It was on the microsoft site, and the following reply was from somone who is identified as a "support engineer. The Office suite on your machine could be a preinstalled trial which is not a part of the works 9. You will notice that none of the works applications will prompt for product key when you use them. The applications included in the works 9. Works word processor, Works spread sheet, Works calendar, Works database" Based on the above post on Microsoft's site, I am wondering if his computer came with a preinstalled Office Suite, as well as the Works 9.

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Product keys[ edit ] One of the oldest and least complicated DRM protection methods for computer and Nintendo Entertainment System games was when the game would pause and prompt the player to look up a certain page in a booklet or manual that came with the game; if the player lacked access to such material, they would not be able to continue the game. A product key , a typically alphanumerical serial number used to represent a license to a particular piece of software, serve a similar function. During the installation process or launch for the software, the user is asked to input the key; if the key correctly corresponds to a valid license typically via internal algorithms , the key is accepted, then the user who bought the game can continue. In modern practice, product keys are typically combined with other DRM practices such as online "activation" , as the software could be cracked to run without a product key, or " keygen " programs could be developed to generate keys that would be accepted. Limited install activations[ edit ] Some DRM systems limit the number of installations a user can activate on different computers by requiring authentication with an online server. Most games with this restriction allow three or five installs, although some allow an installation to be 'recovered' when the game is uninstalled.


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