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A small footprint and price, but the results don't make it good value. When we reviewed ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite a few issues ago (web ID. We ran 14 tests on Zone Alarm – Detection Rate, Price, Features, and many more of Zone Alarm for Windows PC, Mac, or Android/iPhone. Will Zone Alarm keep. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Reviews & Product Details .. Zone Alarm provides reliable services that compliment their antivirus product seamlessly so you can  Missing: 8 ‎| ‎Must include: ‎8.

I found out that this is indeed the case. Security Extreme Security does indeed sport some impressive features that give users of this product total peace of mind that they are doing everything in their power to keep their PCs running clean. Sandboxing Secures Virus Removal Extreme Security also features a nice virtual sandboxing environment which allows users to send all email attachments to a virtual machine within their computer where they can be safely quarantined. Once there, the files are scanned against cloud-based virus definitions to ensure that they do not contain any malicious code.

Any code found to be malicious while being analyzed in the sandbox environment is even immediately relayed to the Zone Alarm network to help protect other users.

And it works: I was able to successfully test the sandboxed environment against a dummy piece of malware which the program successfully segregated, scanned, and identified.

All that was left for me to do was click a button to delete it from the operating system and bask in the knowledge that I may have kept countless other users safe in the process. Zone Alarm protects against an entire alphabet soup of cybersecurity threats, including viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, and bots — not to mention zero-day attacks. There are also some nice-to-haves like deeply customizable scan modes and a signature list that updates far quicker than many market competitors.

Extreme Security also comes with an advanced firewall that includes a proprietary technology, OSFirewall, that keeps a close watch for programs trying to use unusual tricks to route around traditional firewall protection methodologies. Built-in Kill Controls can disable programs trying to leak information out of the network before they have a chance to load up.

Truly, Zone Alarm has gone out of its way to build a labyrinthine system of measures and double-measures that could pose a serious challenge for any would-be hacker. For security-conscious business users like the author! The company is credited with inventing the first Stateful Firewall system in Features Both Zone Alarm products I tried out include a wide selection of additional features that put them well ahead of the chasing pack in the competitive high-end antivirus protection market.

Here are some of those that particularly impressed me: Adding a keylogger to a stellar antivirus engine greatly limits the possible ways in which hackers can compromise your system—or worse—steal your identity. Online Backup Space Zone Alarm generously offers users 5GB of storage space in which users can hold their most system-critical data.

Backing up personal data is simply a must for any user hoping to operate a truly secure and reliable computer; unfortunately, too few providers offer this as part of their online security and antivirus products, so I was more than glad to see that Zone Alarm has broken ranks and includes this as part of their product.

Laptop theft has the potential to cause enormous financial damage—for both companies and private citizens. I tested the feature on my Windows 10 laptop and can vouch for how well this feature works in practice. Ease of use Usability is, of course, a non-negotiable for antivirus and internet security tools. Instead, where a suspicious page is detected, users are redirected away from the site to a warning page and provided with a reference code should they wish to dive deeper into why the page was blocked.

My first port of call was to test out the live chat support. So far, so good! This is one area where I feel the company could improve. When it comes to ironing out difficult installation questions, I always prefer communicating over the telephone if at all possible.

Extreme Security is the more expensive of the two products, but it does include some very impressive features that more than justify the price difference in my opinion these include the anti-keylogger tool as well as the virtualized thread emulation system which is the best means possible of avoiding zero-day attacks.

If for no other reason than that the threat sandboxing area provides an extremely secure means of ensuring that email attachments do not contain unwanted viruses and malware irrespective of where you receive them, I recommend forking out the difference. Pro Antivirus and Firewall is available for one and two years with options to cover 1 or 5 PCs while Extreme Security is also available for 3 months.

Both products are available for free day trials and the company accepts major credit cards in addition to PayPal. Most importantly: In my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes. Contact Details.

Apr 17, - Extreme Security offers top-tier protection but lacks the cross-platform and mobile support that are becoming common in similar suites. ZoneAlarm Review. flag % VIRUS PROTECTION - UP TO 45% OFF! Trusted by 90 million+ users worldwide; Win 7 / 8 / 10 / XP / Vista; Day The ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite can fit up to 3 PCs, with pricing depending on the. (8 Reviews) I read lots of reviews before choosing an internet security suite a few years ago and I'm so glad I Now I know why ZA dropped the price to half.

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Intego X9 Expert ZoneAlarm Review Compare and find the Top 10 antivirus software and services for your needs with detailed reviews and comparison. ZoneAlarm offers three main antivirus products, each providing different levels of protection for different prices. The cheapest version, Pro-Firewall, strictly provides two way firewall protection for PC computers.


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